How to Debate Like a Professional

Let me start by saying, being right isn’t enough.

You also need to be an effective communicator. By this I mean you need to understand how the other person’s brain is wired, and why they think the way they do. Then communicate accordingly in a way that is acceptable for them to indulge information.

Here Are My Top 10 Tips:

❌ Ignore their point of view
❌ Raise your voice because you know you’re right
❌ Insult the other person because you’re right (it’s absurd how often I see this happen)
❌ Talk in a way that makes them feel inferior
❌ Have any sort of prejudice because of their skin color, nationality, religion etc

✔ Put yourself in their shoes
✔ Talk less, listen more
✔ Be compassionate when debating
✔ Try to find middle ground
✔ Discuss why they are stressed/angry/upset if necessary

Always remember, if all else fails, it is perfectly normal to agree to disagree. What’s important is both sides of the debate leave the debate respectfully and without any unnecessary drama.