List of Companies Disney Owns


I was watching Masterclass the other day where former Disney CEO Robert Iger was giving a talk about leadership skills (I highly recommend Masterclass by the way). During his session, they displayed a list of companies Disney owned and I was kind of mind blown, I’ve had no idea it was this big so I decided to list them on the blog.

  • Disney Owns:

    • Marvel

      • Marvel Studios
    • The Walt Disney Studios

      • Walt Disney Pictures
      • Touchstone Pictures
      • Walt Disney Animation Studios
      • Disney Music Group
      • Disney nature
      • PIXAR
      • Lucas Film
    • abc

      • Freeform
    • Disney Channel

      • XD
      • Disney Junior
    • ESPN (80% Share)

    • 21st Century Fox

      • FOX

        • FX
      • 20th Century Fox
        • Blue Sky
        • Fox Searchlight Pictures
      • National Geographic (70% Share)
    • Hulu (60% Share)

    • A&E

      • Lifetime
      • History
      • fyi,

And there you have it.

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